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Use These Effective Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Here are six of my favorite digital marketing tools that I use everyday.

What it does: Allows you to embed your Facebook, Adwords and other tracking pixels into any link. This is super helpful when you’re curating content. You can share the most viral content from any source or medium and also reap the benefit of growing your custom audience and pixel tracking data. It leverages any link into a data driven marketing tool.

What it does: Visme is a mature infographic SaaS (software as a service) that allows you to make engaging, animated and beautifully crafted infographics. The time to create is drastically reduced by the block editor and other useful features, like section resizing. Another thing I really like about Visme is their knowledge base. Usually these are straight up tedious. With Visme’s KB (knowledge base) you can learn more about elements of design than from many art or design classes.

What it does: Want to make killer 10 second video ads? Maybe a mock newscast? What about Buzzfeed style listicles? Rocketium has all that covered and more. Features I enjoy: music collections to use in your video, branding options, beautifully animated slide transitions, no need for video of your own. With Rocketium you can show up at the party with some copy and a few images and leave with a killer video for your website or social media profiles.

What it does: We all want to share great content, right? With BuzzSumo you can do just that. Find the most viral content for nearly any keyword. Another useful feature of Buzzsumo is you can filter content by engagement, popularity, virality and platform. This is a serious game changer for your social media. It’s doubly effective when you pair it up with PixelMe above. When you do that, everyone that clicks the links you share, is now part of your pixel audience. Feel free to start serving them relevant ads (based on the content they click of course).

What it does: Sharing other peoples viral content is a good strategy, but what if you want your own content to go “viral”? Enter Quuu Promote. Send your content to them and watch the likes and shares start rolling in. Has this happened to you? You have a killer piece of content, you share it, but it’s just not getting the reach you need on social media. It’s a problem we’ve all probably faced. The people who are seeing it are liking and sharing it, but there’s just not enough eyeballs on your content. Quuu Promote fixes that by sending your content into the feeds of it’s Quuu Content Curation users (a separate service provided by them). Once your content is approved, it’s loaded into the hopper and boom you’re engagement just doubled, tripled or quadrupled.

Book Like a Boss
What it does:The Simplest Way to Schedule Appointments and Sell Your Products & Services. End frustrating email tag and make scheduling meetings and selling your services effortless with an all-in-one simple booking page. The integrations are also spectacular! BLAB has the perfect blend of technical functionality and ease of use that makes it a great choice for most businesses and solo-entrepreneurs. Another thing I really enjoy about Book Like a Boss is their embeddable widgets. Embedding a calendar on your site that shows your availability for bookings is a breeze (and super useful for closing). Share you link, add it to your email footer or start driving traffic with ads. The possibilities for getting traffic to your booking page are endless. Throw in the easy to use Facebook pixel integration and you’re ready to start serving ads and tracking results.

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