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Whether you’re a small business owner looking to maintain a relationship with your current customers or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to announce your start-up’s latest and greatest innovations, you absolutely need an effective email marketing strategy. Email marketing has a high ROI, the messages are delivered quickly and, when done right, they don’t end up in SPAM, which is a key aspect for small businesses to take into consideration.

-Effortlessly reach your target audience by sending messages to a personalized, opt-in list of contacts
-Reach a global audience with messages that are sent to the recipient’s inbox
-Connect with potential customers without having to pay for print ads or TV commercials

3 Facts About Email Marketing

#1) More cost-effective than Facebook and Twitter ads

Is this for real? Yes! Don’t believe me? 

Facebook organic reach for pages is only 5.2% (AdEspresso). Every year, organic reach for Facebook is falling, making it more expensive for marketers to reach their target audience (& even their subscribers). In 2019, Facebook’s organic reach was 5.5%, down from 7. 7% the previous year.

Unfortunately, things are getting worse. Organic post engagement dropped to 0.25% in 2020 (and 0.08% for pages with more than 100,000 subscribers). (Hootsuite)

Now, let’s compare this with what you get from email marketing.  

The average e-mail open rate is 18.0%. The average click-to-open rate is 14.1%. That’s about 20 times more than you’ll get on social media. (Campaign Monitor)

#2) Has the highest ROI of any marketing channel

The average return on investment in email marketing is 44: 1. (Campaign Monitor)


Unsurprisingly, nine out of ten marketers (almost) use email marketing to distribute their content – with an official number being around 87% of marketers. (

It’s not just marketers who use email. It turns out that everyone (almost everyone) uses email, which is probably one of the reasons why it is so profitable. Among professionals, 52 percent say that email is the primary means of communication in their company, and face-to-face meetings take place in a distant second.  (Adobe)

#3) Still the most effective digital marketing channel

We talked about reach and engagement. But does email actually convert? 

Yes! For marketers, it is very important to convert prospects into customers, and there is nothing better than email to get the job done.


Facebook and Twitter are 40 times LESS effective than email. When it comes to converting leads to customers, email marketing is your best bet. (McKinsey)

Now that you know how powerful email marketing can be, it’s your turn to dust off the old email marketing software and put it to good use. 

But, wait!

Before you go sending that mass email, I want to remind you that a good email marketing campaign takes a lot more than just pressing send. We recommend you use some of our resources below that have helped us and numerous businesses get their email marketing back on track! 

Everything from planning and funnels to sender reputation and making sure your emails hit your customer’s inbox, we’ve got you covered. 

Email Marketing Essentials – The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing

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