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Generate 20% more revenue from your direct booking channel with no upfront costs, contracts or extra work for your team.  Be your hotel’s MVP.  We increase direct bookings for hotels in as little as twenty-four hours.  No joke.

Revenue Recovery
After 30 days this hotel's automated recovery revenue made money every single day



We take what you already have and make it better.  It’s that simple.  We work with your booking engine to install a small snippet of code and then it’s off to the races.  With zero setup costs, you don’t pay a cent until we make you more money.  You can decide for yourself.  We guarantee you will see more direct bookings in 30 days. Period. No cost. No hassle. 

It’s all included. No setup fees or hassle.  We integrate with your booking engine for you. 

Visual reports that cut to the chase.  How much money did we make you. No IT help required!

We only get paid if you do.  We guarantee you’ll see an increase in direct bookings in 30 days.

Your hotel will get our proven eco-system of revenue tools to ensure you grow your web contribution.


Start earning more revenue immediatley

No need to reinvent the wheel.  We install our software on your booking engine, you approve the creative and in 24 hours or less your hotel will be setup to get more direct bookings.

Instead of letting the customer get away to price shop and buy on an OTA we capture the prospect with an enticing offer the moment they decide to abandon their booking.  The timing of the offer results in a 20% conversion rate. 

Using social signals we strategically place your property’s 4 and 5 star reviews on the booking engine.  They appear as a small notification in the bottom left corner of the screen.  On average this increases conversion by 10% for hotels. 

We test every revenue recovery offer.  To ensure we are meeting your revenue goals and pleasing your customers.  Tweaking headlines, images and copy using state of the art methods to ensure your property is earning the most money possible.  

Competition Crushing Strategies

Right Time. Right Offer.

Make the right offer at the right time and you have a customer.  Make the wrong offer and you don’t.  Timing is everything in the booking process.  So we leave nothing to chance.

Our software ensures that customers get the right offer at the right time.  Other hotels look silly when they offer the “Family” package to a business traveller.  We give your customers more of what they want when they want it.

We guarantee your property will increase direct bookings within 30 days or less.  We stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We don’t want a dime unless you’re making a dollar. 

To ensure your property maximizes revenue we include “real time” nudges that entice guests to buy.  Dynamically letting guest know that a room type is popular, it may sell out soon or that “there’s only one left”.  

Monthly reporting and beautiful dashboards come with our service, free.  Review results, make decisions on upcoming promos and more all in one place.


More mobile bookings? No problem.

Mobile shoppers are elusive.  They’re hard to “convince” to book.  Still your booking engine gets a ton of mobile traffic.  Problem.  They’re not booking.  We’ve changed that.  Start getting more mobile bookings today, with no risk, no hassle and a lot of upside.

Get More Mobile Conversions
Launched in September. This smart marketing campaign took off quickly and nabbed almost 5,000 mobile shopppers.

McMillin Digital Team

Revenue growth team

What can I say besides “thank you”? Our team had been trying to grow our web contribution and were looking down the barrel of having to hire yet another agency to work it out for us.  We threw a hail mary to Robert and his team and they scored the winning touchdown.  I’m still not sure exactly how it all works but I do know that it does.  If you want to grow direct bookings I highly recommend McMillin Digital to everyone (besides my competition). 

Andrew McFord

Founder & CEO, Peregrine Consulting

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